Use Your PreMade Card Bases!

Hi Everyone,

Today’s project came about because I was browsing through Michael’s, and saw some fun and festive premade card bases.  But, as I am in cleaning out mode, I told myself I would not get them until I use most of what I already have.  So, here are 6 projects that use the 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card bases.

The first three use half a card base, or 4 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, the second three use the entire base, including the 4 1/2″ score line.  So, if you don’t have any, just start with some paper or card stock in those dimensions.

For the first three shown here, I used 1/2 of the card base, or a piece of patterned paper or card stock 4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″.  They go together pretty quickly, so you can have your extras used up in no time!  The one caution I have is that the folded line on the card bases may not like the blade on the sliding trimmers.  If yours eats up the score line like mine did, then you may want to cut it by hand or use a guillotine trimmer, if you have one.

Here is the video, and I hope you enjoy them!  Stay tuned next week for the three projects that use a complete card base.  Until we meet again, may your days be blessed!  Smiles, Darby

And, here is part two! These three projects use the entire card base, including the 4 1/4″ score line.  Although, on the satchel I had to cut 1/4″ off of one end of the card base, and then butt that cut end against the left scoring guide to make it work.  If you are starting with a 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ piece of paper or card stock and not a card base, just score on the lines indicated and you will have a 1/2″ glue tab.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, and found them useful to use your stash.  Until we meet again, may your days be blessed.  Smiles, Darby

Paper, Ruler, Scissors-Box! Back to crafty basics treat box

Hi Everyone!

As papercrafters, many of us have plenty of supplies, tools and other papercrafting goodies.  But, for those of us who may be on a tight budget, have a tight storage space, or just don’t want to spend tons of money on single-use tools, this project is for you.  It is created using basic things: 6×6 paper, a ruler, a pencil, scissors and adhesives.  With the addition of a few consumables that can be found at the discount or dollar stores, you can create cute projects.  So, here they are! (*A more neutral/masculine version is added below the first video.)

So, let’s get started!  With the ruler along one of the diagonals, measure and mark a dot 1″ from each of the diagonal corners.  Then, lining up the ruler on the other diagonal, mark 3 1/2″ from each corner.  (The marking tools do have a bit of “width” to them, so I offset the ruler just a hair from each of the corners.  That way, the dots lined up right on the diagonal.  If you are using a mechanical pencil, you may not need to offset it quite so much, as the pencil lead is much narrower.)

Now, cut tabs and assemble as in the video!  Curl the top of the front and back, and you can either glue-dot the front shut or use the “dot closure” i did in the video.  Then use half (6″) of a chenille stem to create a handle.  Decorate as desired, simply or elaborately.  There are many die cuts, stickers and premade embellishments to take advantage of, if you are pressed for time.

If you are using 12×12 paper, just “hamburger fold” them both ways (flat side to flat side), and create a folded “cross” on the paper, dividing it into quarters.  Then, just cut along each line to create four 6×6 papers.

I hope you enjoy this project, and until we meet again, may your days be blessed!  Smiles, Darby

Hi Everyone!

I had been asked about making it more neutral or masculine for the guys.  One suggestion, would be to use more “masculine” paper, and it would look more like a satchel.  But, I did think of another way to give it a less “purse-like” appearance.  And, here they are!

There are two styles.  The light blue one is open on the top, kind of like an open tool-box.  The other two have the “dot closure” that was done on the original, but a more boxy appearance due to the way the flap is folded over and not curled. When putting the box together, before you glue, fold the wider sections (front and back) back at the corners.  Then, after you glue the box together, glue these “triangle” tabs into the box for the open-box style.  For the closure style box, fold each triangle over the opposite side to create the fold-over top and tab.  It is shown best in the video, which will be placed here once I get it uploaded tonight.

But, the real difference is the handle, and it is very easy to do.  All you need is a straw or coffee stirrer.  I used the plastic coffee stirrers that I bought at Walmart, and they were 7″.  Because the box is 3 1/2″ wide, half the stirrer was just right and gave me two handles.  Taking the 3 1/2″ piece of straw or stirrer, thread half a chenille stem (usually around 6″) through until you have an equal amount of the stem on both ends of the straw.  Bend them downward at a right angle.  On the sides of the box, punch or poke a hole, and thread the ends of the handles through to the desired length, making sure the handle is level on top.  Bend the ends of the stem up.  If you want, punch or cut a little tag, and hang it on the stem before you bend it upward.

We have rural DSL, so I upload the videos overnight, otherwise no-one else can use the internet for HOURS.  So, this “place holder” will disappear when the video is ready.


I hope you enjoy this more neutral version!  Blessings, Darby

Christmas 2017 Christmas Manger Candy Cane Treat

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I hope your hearts are prepared for the coming of our Savior.  Here is a quick project that can be used as a favor, gift or stocking stuffer, and reminds us of WHY we celebrate Christmas.

A sweet candy cane treat, with the candy cane as a “J” for Jesus, and an adorable manger with the head of our Lord.  Behind Him is a shape showing the radiance of His divinity, and can be any circular image.  I used the daisy punch and the starburst punch from Stampin’ Up!  But even a circle with some random wedges cut out would give the same effect.

Start with a piece of card stock 2″ by 8″, and score one end at 3/4″ and 1 1/8″.  (Or, if your candy cane is thicker, score at 3/4″ and 1 1/4″).  Use a piece of patterned paper 1 7/8″ by 6″ with the top two corners rounded for the background.  Fold score lines and secure into a pocket with washi tape or a 1/2″ by 6″ piece of patterened paper.  Add your “radiance”, here I have used daffodil delight.

Place the candy cane into the pocket, and line the straight part parallel to the side of the holder.  Mark on both sides of the candy cane with a pencil, and use a 1/8″ or 1/16″ punch to make holes.  Thread linen thread or twine through the holes and tie a knot or bow to secure.  I placed a glue dot under the bottom of the candy cane to keep it from sliding around.  Alternatively, you could just use your piercing tool to make a hole on either side of your candy cane.  It saves a step if you are making several, as for a church school class.

Place a star up top, here I have used one from the Starlight thinlits from Stampin’ Up!, but you could use what you have.  Even gold stars from the stationary aisle would work.  For the manger, I used a piece of Early Espresso 1 1/2″ by 1 1/4″, and folded it lengthwise.  Like my other manger for the treat box, hold the folded side toward you and cut from 1/4″ on the fold to the corresponding corner.  Repeat on the other side.  Unfold, and on one edge, cut to the fold line parallel to each side making the legs.  Then cut out the middle section between the legs.  Glue a 3/4″ very vanilla circle offset on a 1″ gold foil circle, then glue to the backside of one end of the manger.  Place a glue dot on each side where the manger meets the candy cane, and also on the two legs, and glue in place.

A quick, but very sweet, treat holder that helps us focus on what is important in this Christmas Season.  I hope you liked the project and give it a try, and until we meet again, I hope your days are blessed.  ~Darby

Christmas 2017 Ribbon Bookmarks Ready for Gifting

Hi Everyone,

Please don’t object to my use of “gifting” for this project.  I wanted to convey a sense of giving, but have it include all of the warm and wonderful thoughts and feelings that go into creating a present personalized just for the person receiving the gift.

Ribbon Bookmarks packaged and ready for giving

These bookmarks can be made with what you already have in your stash, but can still be beautifully personalized to the person receiving the gift.  They can be a thoughtful gift by themselves, as stocking stuffer, or can accompany a carefully and lovingly selected book.

The bookmarks are made with a 9″ length of ribbon, although the length can be adjusted if you are giving them with a taller book.  I used the Circle Tab Punch for each end of the bookmark, so the width of your ribbon can vary from 1/2″ to 1″, which is just smaller than the width of the “shoulders” of the circle tab punch.  You probably want to select a ribbon that is not bulky, because it will be sandwiched between the circle tab punch layers.

The most important thing to watch out for is the glue.  Take time to glue the bookmark carefully, as you don’t want any stray glue to stick to the pages of the book.  I used a touch of Fast Fuse to stick it fast, but a bit of Tombow to hold for the long run.  You can personalize these any way you wish using different ribbons, card stock colors, stamped images and even tassels.  If using premade tassels, make sure to carefully “twist” the jump ring open and closed to keep it round.  Watch the video for a visual explanation.

I packaged them in a 2″ x 8″ cellophane bag, and used a strip of card stock 10″ by 1 7/8″, scored at 8″, with the scored end punched in the Scalloped Tag Topper punch.  Stamp a sentiment on this top flap.  Next, cut a slit in the card stock about 3″ from the bottom, and centered 1/2″ from each side.  That is where I pulled the bulk of the ribbon through so the bookmark top and bottom would be visible in the packaging. If you have repositionable adhesive, you could stick it down with that.  I used some washi tape from the Year of Cheer to hold it in place, because the washi doesn’t usually leave any stickiness or residual. Test yours to be sure. Remember to secure the ribbon on the back as well.  Then slip the card stock and bookmark into the cello bag, fold over the top flap and stick with a glue dot to the cellophane bag, thread a ribbon or twine through and around, and tie a knot or bow.  Embellish as desired.

Here are the ones I created:

A more masculine version, this was made with the Night of Navy Crinkled ribbon, tab punches from Whisper White and stamped with Touches of Texture in Sahara Sand, and embellished with the rooster and “for you” from the Wood Words stamp set.  The 3/4″ circle punch cuts sentiments and images that fit well in the circle tab punch.  The sentiment is from SU Christmas Pines.  I used a snowflake punch from The Paper Studio.

The next one was made with Berry Burst finely woven ribbon, gold foil paper tabs, gold embossed flower from Better Together, gold embossed “enjoy” from Tabs for Everything, package embellishment with the Holly Berry builder punchies, and sentiment stamped in berry burst from the Better Together stamp set.  Gold tassel from the Eastern Beauty collection.

The third one was created from the Fresh Fig finely woven ribbon, gold foil paper tabs, “Hello” and flower image from Easter Beauty stamp set, fresh fig tassel from the same collection, gold foil and silver glimmer paper punched stars (SU retired punch) and fresh fig stamped sentiment from Better Together.

I hope you enjoy this project, and find it useful for your Christmas giving.

And, until we meet again, may your days be blessed!  ~Darby