Folded Pocket Lollipop Holder

Hi Everyone!

I was inspired by a youtube video from TheStampCamp featuring a lollipop holder using a 6×6 paper to create a folded pocket.  I needed a smaller one to hold the heart lollipops from Dollar Tree, or the heart shaped Dumdums pops, so I used a 4×4 piece of paper.  I works well, because you can make 9 out of one sheet of 12×12.  And, here they are:

It goes very quickly, because you use a square piece of paper and the “diaper” fold.  The lollipops I used were Dumdums from “5 below”, and were $3.oo for 30.  I also tried the heart lollipops I got at Dollar Tree, which had 20 in the package for $1.00.  Either way, a good deal.

To create the pocket, start with a 4″ square of paper, and fold it diagonally.  With the folded diagonal toward you, take one of the bottom corners and flip it up to meet the opposite side so the edge that is now on top is parallel to the bottom.  Take the other bottom corner and fold it up to the opposite side, matching the top edge to the first one and burnish all of the folds.  While the pocket will stay closed once complete, I like to put a glue dot to secure the second corner in place.  Now, fold the top corner down over the first folds and burnish.  This creates the “diaper fold” pocket.

Use any sentiment and shape you wish that will fit your theme and pocket, and stick it on the front with a foam dot on each side.  I did not put any foam dots in the middle, because the holder curves out in the front and I wanted to “bridge” the curve with the sentiment.

Then, using a hand-held 1/8″ to 1/4″ circle punch, just take a little arc out of the center bottom of the pocket.  Prepare the lollipop by folding the wrapper behind the candy part, or if it is sealed all the way around, you can trim the wrapper close to the candy.  Next, feed the tick through the hole you punched, and seat the lollipop as low as it will go.  Stick a glue dot to the bottom of the pocket, overlapping the lollipop stick.  This helps it from sliding out, and gives a “sticking point” for the ribbon tie.  I used 1/8″ or 1/4″ ribbon, and tied a knot around the stick.  After angling the ends, I pushed the knot up to make sure it was stuck to the glue dot.  You can also tie a bow if you prefer.

Create them in any color, theme or style.  In my examples, I used patterned paper, card stock (a little harder to crease) and vellum.  I used up retired papers and scraps, and the lollipop holders all looked pretty cute.  Even in non-traditional Valentine colors, they were fun.  I think they would also make great favors for parties, showers or weddings, especially in the colors of the event.

One tip, if your heart/sentiment blends into the front of the pocket, just take a black/dark pen and create some “faux stitching” around the edge.  The heart was a punch from Stampin’ Up! which was 1 3/4″ wide by 1 1/2″ tall.  The stamp sets used were “Yummy in my tummy” and “Jar of Love” by Stampin’ Up! and “You’re the Balm” by My Favorite Things.  The papers and ribbon were mostly retired things I had around, and I encourage you to use what you have!  So, until we meet again, may your days be blessed!  Smiles, Darby