Non-Candy, Dollar Tree, Valentines for Classrooms and more!

Hi Everyone!

This is (probably?) my last St. Valentine’s Day project.  And, although I have created it for classrooms, you can also fit some slim treats suitable to adults, too.  But, the ones I created were for the kiddoes, and I should have mentioned that it would be great for them to decorate the matchbooks, and have a say as to what goes into them.  They are intended for non-candy gifts, but some of the slimmer candy treats can fit in as well.

Start with a piece of card stock 8 1/2″ by 3 1/2″, you can get three from letter size card stock.  Score, long side up,  at 1 1/4″, 1 3/8″, 5 1/4″ and 5 5/8″.  Fold and burnish the score lines, keeping the edges aligned.  For the ones only 1/8″ apart, I usually fold one, then press the end gently toward the score line to “pop” the score line folded.  This is shown in the video, and prevents me front making a mess of the close folds.  Using a 1/4″ hand-held circle punch, punch a hole in the “top” (3/8″ section) of the matchbook to suit your pen.  These are from the dollar tree, and the “catch” is close to the end, so I only go in about 3/8″, or so.


Depending on what you are giving, align the double-sided foam adhesive to secure the bottom of the matchbook, taking care not to stick the top 1/2″ or so of the bottom flap.  The top will need this space to slide into, and you can test it to make sure not to prevent the top from sliding into the bottom.

Then, decorate as desired.  If the kiddoes are giving these to the classroom, it would be great for them to do the decoration!  Use markers, crayons, stickers, gems, die cuts, and more, for them to create a fun valentine for their friends.  They could cut a heart for a “to & from” for the front, or write in on the back.  They could write their own valentine message on the front, inside, or back.  Kids are so creative, just give them the supplies and watch them innovate.

I still punched the hole in the matchbook that was for the balloon, but tied a piece of ribbon instead.  Some of the flatter packs of candy may fit in here as well, like the Ghirardelli’s and the Laffy Taffy/M&M’s.  You may need to double up on the foam adhesive to help the extra bulk ease into place.

And, they could work for adults as well.  Perhaps coworkers or nursing home residents, teachers or nurses, just change the decoration and the gift.  Although, I could always use pens and notepads, especially sticky ones.

And, this is a great way to let everyone know how much their Creator loves them.  In a world that leaves folks feeling empty and searching, let them know that they are truly, deeply loved by Our Savior, who came to earth just to die for love of us.  An everlasting, sacrificial love, that we all can have, if we just open the doors of our hearts to Him.

I hope you enjoy this project, and until we meet again, may your days be blessed.  Smiles, Darby

  • Supplies:
  • Card stock:  pink pirouette, melon mambo, natural from SU
  • Paper: painted with love from SU, love jars from Simon Says Stamp
  • Taylored Expressions: In My Heart-notebook heart stamp (ret.)
  • Echo Park: Have Faith: “Trust in God…” and “Love one another…”
  • Taylored Expressions: Simply Stamped-Tulips: “Do all things with Love”
  • Pens, note pads, and Whack-a-Pack balloons from the Dollar Tree

The Frozen Bean Frappe Mix Pocket

Hi Everyone!

I have my last Christmas-Redone projects, and it is The Frozen Bean Frappe Mix Pocket.  It is inspired by The Frozen Bean Frappe Mixes, purchased at Walmart for $1.25, in flavors like Unicorn Frappe, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Mocha Java.  And, here they are!

You can make two from a 12″ x 12″ piece of card stock, and use scraps or strategic punches or die cuts from the front flap to create a fun pouch for any occasion!

You need a piece of card stock 12″ by 6″, and two pieces of patterned paper that measure 4 3/4″ by 3 1/4″ and 4 3/4″ by 1 1/4″.  If you are using an all-around patterned card stock, you can omit the mats.  If you are using a directional card stock, align the direction up for the front pockets, but know the back will be upside down.

Card stock: score the 6″ side at 1/2″ on both sides.  Score the 12″ side (top of pattern to left) at 3 1/2″, 4″ and 10 1/2″.  Fold and burnish all score lines, then cut and notch the tabs in the 1/2″ glue tab sections.  If you would like any of the layered embellishments from the same color card stock, and you are matting them, now is the time to cut/punch them from the front 3 1/2″ section, just do it from the center where the mat will cover.  Glue the mats in place on the front top and bottom panels.  Using a strong adhesive on the inside of the front pocket tabs, and glue to create pouch bottom.  Trim away the side 1/2″ section, starting with a 45 degree angle at the top of the bottom pocket, and cutting away the score line until you reach the 10 1/2″ score line, and cut off the side, leaving the tab on the top panel.  (see video for better explanation)

Place the frappe mix in the bottom pocket, and folding over the top with the tabs folded in, tuck the top of the mix into the top pocket.  Thread a ribbon under the mix, but around the top to the front, and tie a knot or bow.  Tie on a handle if you want, and create an arrow or stir stick, if desired.  Using your selected shapes and sentiments, bridge the gap between the top and bottom pockets, I used glue dots for mine.  Then, layer the top sentiments on.  If you are using a stir stick embellishment, the top sentiment layers where placed using mini-dimensionals, or another thinner foam adhesive.  That way, the stick can slide in and out, but will not fall out.  If you are not using a stir stick, you can layer the sentiments with or without dimension.

Fun and tasty!  Thank you for stopping by today, and I hope your days are blessed.  Smiles, Darby

Supplies used:

The Frozen Bean Unicorn Frappe:

(The link is for a 4 pack of the Unicorn Frappe at the best price I could find. It is cheaper in the Walmart store. This is an Amazon link, if you buy I get a few pennies to keep my website going, thank you!)

Coffee Stirring Sticks:  Great for crafty projects and craft fairs:

Supplies: (I am using up what I have, some may be retired.)
Card stock used: soft sky, garden green, powder pink from Stampin’ Up!
Paper: Painted Love, Coffee Break from Stampin’ Up!
Stamps: “Owl Be Yours” from Gift Givers retired SU: “Happy Valentine’s Day” from Sending Smooches by My Favorite Things: “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” from Merry Little Labels by SU.
Other supplies: SU triple heart punch, SU sweet and sassy framelits, foil snowflake doily, white metallic edge ribbon, berry burst metallic edge ribbon, silver tinsel trim by SU, nested circle framelits.

Folded Pocket Lollipop Holder

Hi Everyone!

I was inspired by a youtube video from TheStampCamp featuring a lollipop holder using a 6×6 paper to create a folded pocket.  I needed a smaller one to hold the heart lollipops from Dollar Tree, or the heart shaped Dumdums pops, so I used a 4×4 piece of paper.  I works well, because you can make 9 out of one sheet of 12×12.  And, here they are:

It goes very quickly, because you use a square piece of paper and the “diaper” fold.  The lollipops I used were Dumdums from “5 below”, and were $3.oo for 30.  I also tried the heart lollipops I got at Dollar Tree, which had 20 in the package for $1.00.  Either way, a good deal.

To create the pocket, start with a 4″ square of paper, and fold it diagonally.  With the folded diagonal toward you, take one of the bottom corners and flip it up to meet the opposite side so the edge that is now on top is parallel to the bottom.  Take the other bottom corner and fold it up to the opposite side, matching the top edge to the first one and burnish all of the folds.  While the pocket will stay closed once complete, I like to put a glue dot to secure the second corner in place.  Now, fold the top corner down over the first folds and burnish.  This creates the “diaper fold” pocket.

Use any sentiment and shape you wish that will fit your theme and pocket, and stick it on the front with a foam dot on each side.  I did not put any foam dots in the middle, because the holder curves out in the front and I wanted to “bridge” the curve with the sentiment.

Then, using a hand-held 1/8″ to 1/4″ circle punch, just take a little arc out of the center bottom of the pocket.  Prepare the lollipop by folding the wrapper behind the candy part, or if it is sealed all the way around, you can trim the wrapper close to the candy.  Next, feed the tick through the hole you punched, and seat the lollipop as low as it will go.  Stick a glue dot to the bottom of the pocket, overlapping the lollipop stick.  This helps it from sliding out, and gives a “sticking point” for the ribbon tie.  I used 1/8″ or 1/4″ ribbon, and tied a knot around the stick.  After angling the ends, I pushed the knot up to make sure it was stuck to the glue dot.  You can also tie a bow if you prefer.

Create them in any color, theme or style.  In my examples, I used patterned paper, card stock (a little harder to crease) and vellum.  I used up retired papers and scraps, and the lollipop holders all looked pretty cute.  Even in non-traditional Valentine colors, they were fun.  I think they would also make great favors for parties, showers or weddings, especially in the colors of the event.

One tip, if your heart/sentiment blends into the front of the pocket, just take a black/dark pen and create some “faux stitching” around the edge.  The heart was a punch from Stampin’ Up! which was 1 3/4″ wide by 1 1/2″ tall.  The stamp sets used were “Yummy in my tummy” and “Jar of Love” by Stampin’ Up! and “You’re the Balm” by My Favorite Things.  The papers and ribbon were mostly retired things I had around, and I encourage you to use what you have!  So, until we meet again, may your days be blessed!  Smiles, Darby

The Mega Milk Carton

Hi Everyone!

After I posted a mini-milk carton with a paperclip banner closure, a subscriber asked if I could make a bigger one.  Well, I looked around the internet, and found milk cartons of most shapes and sizes.  So, I thought why not make a VERY BIG one?  I saw that Sally from Sallystampers created a large one, big enough for a Yankee Candle, but I wanted to make a MEGA milk carton.  And, here they are:

The carton measures 5 3/4″ square at the base, and the box part is 4 1/2″ tall, with an overall height of 8″.  Plenty of room for baked goodies, treats and even gifts.  If you are adding unwrapped goodies, just be sure to use a food safe bag or liner.

Start with two full 12″ by 12″ sheets of card stock, and four pieces of coordinating patterned paper that are 5 1/2″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall.  Prepare both of the card stock pieces the same.  Score one side (if patterned put the top to the right) at 2 7/8″, 7 3/8″ then flip vertically and score at 11 1/4″.  This last score creates the top fold of the carton.  Turn the top of the box up to the guide and score at 5 3/4″ and 11 1/2″.  Also, score at 8 5/8″ but ONLY to the first score line.  This helps us to create the triangle folds at the top of the milk carton.  Put the scoreboard away, and with a stylus and a ruler, make a score line from the bottom of the short score line we did last, to each of the bottom corners of the same rectangle.  This will create a triangle shape.

With the top up, cut away the bottom rectangle of the 1/2″ glue tab.  Cut up each side of the center score line at the bottom to the first cross-score, and cut away the score line.  Slightly cut a sliver away from the outside of the remaining bottom tab.  With both pieces of card stock aligned the same, place strong adhesive on the 1/2″ glue tab and adhere the pieces together, making sure the top, bottom and horizontal score lines are aligned.  While the box is flat, glue the mats on the sides, and round all the corners.

Pick the side for the front, and then glue the bottom of the box together, side tabs first and then the front and back tabs.  They meet in the middle.  Gently fold the top into the “milk carton” shape, and punch a hole through the top on each side.  You can add your embellishments at this time.  I used a retired Stampin’ Up! stamp set called Got Treats? for both, and layered them on punched or die cut shapes and doilies.  On the Christmas version, I used the poinsettia builder punch from SU to create the poinsettia, and then added the Got Merry? on foam tape in the center.  For a little rustic appeal, I tied a double-strand of jute twine through the front section and tied a knot.  After filling the box, you can use ribbon to thread through the holes and tie a bow.  You can also create a ribbon handle, if desired.

A close up view of the embellishments.

I hope you enjoy this project and give it a try!  And, I hope your New Year is blessed and happy.  Smiles, Darby

Reindeer Pillow Box Pennant Treat and Gift Card Holder

Hi Everyone!

Here is a quick and fun way to give small gifts, treats, money or gift cards to kids or kids-at-heart.  And, they are quite cute to boot!

Just big enough to fit a standard sized gift card, they will also hold a few treats, a small present, or money.

Start with an 8 1/2″ by 11′ piece of card stock, and trim the 11″ side down to 9″.  (Save the cut section for the ears.)  Now, with the 9″ side up, score at 1/2″ to make a glue tab.  Now, fold the adjacent edge to the score line, creating a “cone” or pennant shape.  Miter the glue tab to fit in the box, and then use strong adhesive to glue the pennant together.

Mark 8″ up each side from the corner.  Use a larger (10.5-12″) circle to create the pillow box part.  First, by scoring/tracing an arc reaching outward from the point, which you will cut along to make the flap shapes.  And then, turn the box around to score/trace an arc inward toward the point, which will create the folds of the flaps.  The seam will be on the back side, so punch ~1″ semi-circle in the pillow box flap of the back for a finger notch.

If you wish to hang the reindeer on a tree or doorknob, punch a 1/8″ hole on each side about 1/2″ from the top on the side seam.  Thread a ribbon through the holes and tie a double knot to secure.

To decorate, use a 1″ red circle for the nose, two 1″ white circles for the eyes, and two 1/2″ black circles for the pupils.  The ears were created using the off cut 2″ by 8 1/2″, folded in half, and cut free-hand to create a ~3″ by ~1 3/4″ ellipse.  By holding them together, you create two ears that are symmetrical.  For the bucks, the antlers were also cut free-hand while holding two pieces of card stock together.  In nature, antlers take on many configurations, so don’t worry about doing it “right”, just make it fun!

For the doe, I just created a bow using the bow builder punch from Stampin’ Up!.  Or, you could use any dies that you may have in your stash, or a pre-made box from the store.  Perhaps a “present” style box with a tag would be fun!  And, even though the real deer blend in with the environment, your deer could be any color you wish.  Now, just fill and gift!

I hope you have a beautiful and joyous Christmas, and feel all of the love that God brings us always, but especially on that first Noel in a manger in Bethlehem.  A humble beginning, in a feeding trough for animals in a city that literally means “House of Bread”.  He is truly our food for this world.

Merry Christmas to all!  Blessings, Darby

K-Cup Hot Cocoa Tree

Hi Everyone!  I have a very cute little treat holder based on a hot cocoa k-cup.  


The treat holder can contain mini-candy canes and hershey kisses to stir into your hot cocoa.  Or, for those who enjoy an after-dinner liquor, you can use a hot cocoa or a cappuccino k-cup and add a mini-bottle or Bailey’s irish cream or a peppermint or espresso liquor.  Many tasty options.

Start with a 6″ by 8″ piece of stiffer patterned paper in a color you would like for your tree.  With the 6″ side up, and the top of any directional pattern to the right, score at 1/2″, which will be the base.  Turn the long side up, with the base down, and score at 1 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 3 3/4″, 5″, 6 1/4″ and 7 1/2″.  Flip the paper top to bottom, and score at 5/8″, 1 7/8″, 3 1/8″, 4 3/8″, 5 5/8″ and 6 7/8″.  Fold the first set of folds out, and the second set of folds in.  Then fold the 1/2″ score line at the bottom.  On the bottom of the 1/2″ glue tab, remove the bottom 1/2″ section.  Glue the 1/2″ section to form a cylinder.  Turn the bottom up, and folding an outside fold out, cut a 45 degree miter from the score line to the bottom.  Repeat all the way around.

I am punting on the rest of the instructions, because I have tried to write them in an understandable way, unsuccessfully.  The video is much better at explaining the process.  If you have questions after the video, just ask.  It will help me know where the confusing bits are.

Enjoy the video, and I hope you enjoy the project.

May your hearts continue to wait for God’s greatest gift.  Smiles, Darby


Santa’s Chimney Treat Holder

Hi Everyone!

Here is a cute and quick little treat holder, with a brick texture created on a scoreboard. 

Start with a 3″ by 8″ piece of card stock, and score the short side at 3/8″ and 2 5/8″.  Turn the long side up and score at 4 1/2″, 5 1/4″ and 7 1/2″, these will create the box.  Now, starting at the 4 1/2″ score line, make a score line every half inch down to 1/2″.  And, from the 5 1/4″ up to the 7 1/4″.  Turn the card stock back to the 3″ side, and seat your stylus in the score line to create vertical score lines to outline the bricks.

Use a corner rounder or decorative punch to create rounded corners on the top.  Or, just cut each corner at an angle like the classic tag shape.

Take a sponge and some dark ink, and run the sponge over the brick texture to highlight the score lines.  Do this on the back as well as the front, and on the inside of the back.

Next, cut up the tabs on each side, but go in about 1″, this will be past the 3/8″ score line on the side.  Fold the tabs in to the center.  Adhere the front flap down, and then using a strong adhesive, stick the sides of the front to the back.  Push the tabs toward the sides on the inside.  No put your Santa in.  Decorate as desired!